Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Dr. Talip Emiroğlu, after completing his primary education in Giresun, moved to Istanbul. He completed his higher education in the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Trabzon Fatih Education Faculty and Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty in 1981. He obtained his master’s and doctoral degrees in history.


Like many of his peers, Dr. Talip Emiroğlu had to work various jobs since middle school to continue his education. While still a university student, he co-founded his first company in 1985, producing and printing test books for students preparing for exams, providing services to some tutoring centers.


In 1987, he became a partner in the Final Private Tutoring Center established in Istanbul. In 1993, he founded Irat Inc., engaged in advertising and research. In 1995, he established the European College, and in 1996, he founded the BJK College upon the request of the late Suleyman Seba, the then-president of the BJK Club.


In 2001, Dr. Talip Emiroğlu established the European Education Foundation to provide services in higher education. In 2004, in collaboration with Kent State University in the United States, he founded the European Kent College. In 2009, he established the European Vocational School. As part of the project to expand the European College, he opened campuses in Çekmeköy in 2010 and Acıbadem in 2012. In 2015, he founded the Cyprus Ada Kent University, and in 2020, he transformed the European Vocational School into Kocaeli Health and Technology University.


Since 2020, Talip Emiroğlu has voluntarily withdrawn from all activities related to private school management at the K12 level. He currently serves as the chairman of the founding board of trustees at Cyprus Ada Kent University and Kocaeli Health and Technology University, striving to contribute to higher education and humanity.


Adhering to the principle of “tolerant and respectful education without forgetting being Turkish and without disconnecting from the world,” Talip Emiroğlu has published over 200 educational articles in various newspapers, and he has authored three books.